Centurion VR is a Metaverse company which combines the power of virtual reality & NFTs

Our patented software and hardware technology is revolutionizing how the world plays and watches the sport of cricket.
Our technology has been featured by the world's leading sports broadcasters.

We are Bringing Innovation In The Metaverse

The World’s First VR Haptic Bat

Live Ball Technology

NFTs + VR: Full Metaverse Experience

The World’s First VR Haptic Bat

The World's First Cricket Bat with Full Virtual Reality Integration and Realistic Haptic Feedback

Live Ball Technology

Centurion VR is the world's only company which allows users in the metaverse to experience actual ball tracking data from live and historical sporting events.

Our virtual reality software makes NFTs useful, not simply collectables

Digital assets in cricket - Stadium models, Player avatars, images and videos - can be used by fans in Centurion VR's virtual reality cricket simulation. The combination of NFTs and virtual reality makes Centurion VR the ultimate metaverse experience for cricket fans.


World's most advanced VR Cricket Simulation will soon be available for you to play on your Oculus Quest 2 and other VR headsets.

We're launching soon!

We are coming to Oculus Quest 2 and other VR headsets.

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